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13 October 2016

In 2016, the WEATHER, despite being hot, dry and somewhat “normal”, provided challenges and food for thought in terms of future management, concluding a three-year period in which each vintage has presented peculiarities that brought both confirmations and new lessons.

9 March 2015

I’ve never been very good at writing, but I have definitely been well instructed by my teacher and thesis supervisor, Professor Carlo, who let me ‘build’ my thought process and the relative sentences with a mimicry of apparent agreement. Then, […]

11 December 2014

Wine, between extraordinary and unique specificity, has the measure of time, that which flows or flows away and that which remains witness to the past. It’s for this reason that we try, now that the wine is racked, to retrace […]

27 January 2014

When in the past days I read about Parker’s prediction, a very well known personality in the international wine world, and the subsequent post on “Intravino“, I felt myself deeply  involved in this argument. Talking about it with Lorenzo, I confessed my continuous disappointment for […]

4 August 2013

There are words which are frequently used in the everyday language and becoming trendy even though there are very few who know their meaning. One of those is surely the expression “natural wine”.

4 December 2012

In March 2012 the first vintage of certified organic and biodynamic (Demeter) La Maliosa wines, the 2010 vintage, was presented to the public at Vivit, Exhibition of natural wines within Vinitaly in Verona (Italy). The interest in our La Maliosa […]