Olive groves and extra virgin olive oil

The olive groves

Even in the olive groves we are committed to the recovery of the original varieties historically found in the area.

The historic olive groves consist of around 180 plants over 100 years old. We find typical Tuscan cultivars : Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo, Pendolino and Leccio del Corno.

The young olive groves follow the historical trees as cultivars and percentages. The newer olive groves extend for approximately 15 hectares and are made up of 3800 plants which largely entered production with the 2015 harvest.

The distance between the olive trees of approximately 10–12 metres, the favorable exposure and the ventilated climate favor a contained and very high-quality production.

Uliveti_Fattoria La Maliosa

Organic extra-virgin olive oils

We produce fine extra virgin olive oils with a high health value with a high presence of polyphenols, antioxidants, and low acidity. The harvest is carried out separately for each variety at the moment of optimal maturity, starting from the month of October. The extraction takes place cold at a temperature of 26°C in a continuous cycle mill.

The oils are filtered and stored in stainless steel containers under nitrogen. They are then bottled exclusively to order, to better maintain the organoleptic qualities over time.

Since 2015, our olive oil production has been constantly awarded in the main national and international competitions dedicated to extra virgin olive oils, demonstrating the care and constant attention to the highest quality over time.

All our olive groves are located in the Saturnia area.

We produce two organic extra virgin olive oils: La Maliosa Aurinia and La Maliosa Caletra.

La Maliosa Aurinia is a blend of Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Pendolino, which follows the taste characteristics of the Tuscan IGP. The blend contains all the production of the historic olive groves.

La Maliosa Caletra is a monovarietal cru of Leccio del Corno, coming from young plants of around 15 years of age.

La Maliosa Aurinia
blend tuscan cultivars

La Maliosa Caletra
Mono-Varietal Cru
Leccio Del Corno