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Preview of the la maliosa 2013 oil in the alcatraz area during wine in progress florence

On the weekend of November 16th and 17th 2013, the 47th National Congress of AIS (Italian Sommelier Association), Wine in Progress, took place in Florence. The location was the famous Stazione Leopolda,  well suited for high profile events.
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Congresso Nazionale dell’AIS Associazione Italiana Sommelier
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The Artisan Wine Fair Raw

Not even 10 days have passed since our return from London. We were there with our biodynamic wines to attend RAW, one of the most important events dedicated to natural wines which takes place in London. For me it has been without doubt one of the most beautiful exhibitions which I was able to attend. The organizers, Quentin and Isabelle, were concerned to personally and very warmly welcome the producers, who were required to be present.

The atmosphere was warm, joyful and familiar. Great wines were displayed (selected by the organizers, having previously tasted them) and there were also lots of food specialties from England to try. Excellent cheeses, gourmet sweets, fresh salmon and delicious cold cuts.
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Antonella Manuli al RAW
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La Maliosa at ViViT 2013

Vinitaly is an event that every year creates turmoil in the wine world. Since last year within the Vinitaly fair there is an oasis that has not gone unnoticed: ViViT. A very well-defined area, airy and larger than last year, in a part of the renovated hall 11, thanks to the patient work of the organizers associated in Vi.Te. The furniture is basic, with panels which well identify the wineries and their regions of origin: the real stars are the wines and their producers with a “natural” presentation which perfectly reflects what will be tasted.
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La Maliosa al ViviT
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Visiting Fattoria La Maliosa

Yesterday morning I woke up with a nice,  warm sun, then within a very short time the colors became saturated and the contrasts were those of grey clouds pressing on.

visita alla Fattoria La Maliosa - campo verde
After meeting our guests, we’ve reached La Maliosa with umbrellas and proper rubber boots, with the optimism of those wanting to breathe, discover and hear.

The old vineyard is invaded by flowers, biodynamic farming can be recognized also by this: between olive trees and vines, there is a field full of flowers. It’s the green manure, a mixture of seeds planted in previous months. Under the vines though, the hoe is still being used to move and clean the soil.

It’s drizzling, but Enrico Bachechi tells us about the recovery work made during these years in the old vineyard. Abandoned for only two years, a historic vineyard can quickly lose its value, it needs constant care and attention from man…

To reach the olive groves we walk. Within a few hundred meters  I found wild cyclamen of a beautiful intense pink color, butcher’s broom, honeysuckle, wild asparagus (which I enjoyed eating), broom almost ready to bloom, wild violets, borage of an intense blue…

La vigna vecchia

Dominique and Antonella tell us about  the enthusiasm which has accompanied them throughout this project  and the satisfaction they’ve collected.

Enrico tells us about how precious and valuable the 500 preparation  (horn manure) is and answers all our questions and curiosity about the biodynamic farming methods in simple words,  which prove the century long commitment of those who’ve wanted to take this path.

preparato 500 o cornoletame

The rain and mud don’t make us give up: we reach Monte Cavallo, the highest point of the surroundings. Far down there you can even see the sea…

Guardando il mare da La Maliosa

Paola Sucato aka ci_polla

visita alla Fattoria La Maliosa - campo verde
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ViViT/Vinitaly 2012. What is changing in the way natural wines are sold?

As for food, also for wine people are looking for a truer taste and a flavor reminiscent of the fruit and the earth it comes from.
It’s a renewal which has been under way for several years: the natural wine producers want to bring the wine back to being considered as food which as such has to nourish our body in a healthy way.
Events, farmers markets, fairs of natural food, tastings were born during the last decade all over Italy and the movement has gained many fans.
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Vini La Maliosa Vinitaly 2012
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Fattoria La Maliosa è presente al Vivit, Vinitaly

It’s the first time for us at Vinitaly. It’s the first time that Vinitaly opens its doors to biodynamic wines.
The ViViT pavilion hosts 100 Italian and French producers who offer their wines to a vast public that until now seemed unreachable. Instead, the taste of wine is changing and the interest around ViViT confirms it: everybody nowadays wants a truer wine and we’re ready to offer it.
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Vina La Maliosa 2012
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