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Bio Oil

30 October 2022

We love to share with you our special Halloween recipe, to savor together the autumn atmospheres and enjoy, even at the table, the colors of nature in Maremma Tuscany at Fattoria La Maliosa. Our Evo oil, pumpkin and ricotta cheese […]

8 March 2019

In 2018, La Maliosa experienced a number of challenges and considerable difficulties in our olive grove, connected mostly to unpredictable and sometimes even extreme meteorological factors, especially during the harvesting period. Worthy of note: an anomalous and persistent cold that […]

9 July 2016

The precious fruits of the new and historical olive groves on the Farm have created real Maremman “green gold”. Two oils were produced this year, offspring of the territory and of the native cultivars that make them so typically Tuscan. […]

22 October 2015

If the weather is clement, many will inaugurate the season of outdoor dining with their very own Easter lunch. A sprinkling of tables and chairs, a quick test of the electrical retractable roof and a search for dishes and cutlery […]

23 July 2012

What does the IGP Toscano certification involve? In order for an Extra Virgin Olive Oil to be also IGP Toscano, the producer has to respect strict Production Specifications issued by the IGP Toscano Consortium (see