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In 2018, La Maliosa experienced a number of challenges and considerable difficulties in our olive grove, connected mostly to unpredictable and sometimes even extreme meteorological factors, especially during the harvesting period.

Worthy of note:

  • an anomalous and persistent cold that occurred between February 25th and March 3rd and which recorded very low temperatures and consequent strong frosts; 
  • bad weather during the autumn period, during which the rains were frequent and sometimes abundant; 
  • hailstorms. In our area there was an intense hailstorm in the middle of summer in August and one in the first 10 days of October, just a few days before the beginning of the olive harvest; 
  • strong gusts of wind that hit our olive grove at the end of October brought down several trees in our historic olive groves.

At Fattoria La Maliosa, themain olive grove expands in a single plot of about 14 hectares, but it is located on three different hills, each with its own particular exposure, and largely protected by wooded areas. As a result, the climatic adversities weren’t equally as intense, with some areas worst hit and others less so. However, the weather inevitably affected the crop in quantitative terms (some olive trees did not produce any fruit) and in some plots, the olives were damaged by hail. Because of this discontinuity, the main purpose of harvest, which was undertaken laboriously on several occasions, was to obtain homogeneous daily batches. This led to frequent shifts within the olive grove of men and vehicles with objective practical difficulties, but our goal was “tenaciously” to bring to the press olives of the same optimal quality level every day. Continue reading…

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The precious fruits of the new and historical olive groves on the Farm have created real Maremman “green gold”. Two oils were produced this year, offspring of the territory and of the native cultivars that make them so typically Tuscan. Their production, bound by the dictates of organic, biodynamic and sustainable farming, was a challenge as we went to great lengths to ensure the consumer taste, quality and wholesomeness, the latter confirmed by the high presence of polyphenols and antioxidants and very low acidity. Continue reading…

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The year 2014 was, as you well know, disastrous for olive oil in Italy, and in particular, in the Maremma. Production was almost zero due to both the highest rainfall in fifty years and the resulting “olive fruit fly” infestation and the flood that hit our area right at the beginning of harvest, stripping the olive trees of any remaining fruit.

On the farm, we were subsequently forced to pay extra attention to the agronomic management of our olive groves with prevention our constant objective, and nature generously compensated us with a wonderful harvest in 2015.

At the Maliosa Farm, our olive groves are located in a ​​low hill area where the 2015 winter has been rather mild. However, the beginning of spring, especially in March, brought extreme temperature changes. Luckily, La Maliosa’s historical olive grove is sheltered by the Montecavallo hill, which protected it from the changes in temperature and permitted more regular vegetative growth and flowering. This once again emphasises just how adept our territory is for growing olives. Continue reading…

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If the weather is clement, many will inaugurate the season of outdoor dining with their very own Easter lunch. A sprinkling of tables and chairs, a quick test of the electrical retractable roof and a search for dishes and cutlery that aren’t too formal.

On the table along with the traditional crepes, lamb, fried artichokes and homemade savoury Easter pizza is an entrée able to whet the appetite for rich tastes and calories :). I am always undecided until the last minute about my Easter menu because I find boiled eggs terribly retro. And indeed, this year, they’ve been replaced by a pale poached egg with a soft dark yolk…

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Preview of the la maliosa 2013 oil in the alcatraz area during wine in progress florence

On the weekend of November 16th and 17th 2013, the 47th National Congress of AIS (Italian Sommelier Association), Wine in Progress, took place in Florence. The location was the famous Stazione Leopolda,  well suited for high profile events.
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Congresso Nazionale dell’AIS Associazione Italiana Sommelier
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The Maliosa Oil’s IGP Toscano Certification

What does the IGP Toscano certification involve? In order for an Extra Virgin Olive Oil to be also IGP Toscano, the producer has to respect strict Production Specifications issued by the IGP Toscano Consortium (see
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Olio Toscano La Maliosa
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Fattoria La Maliosa’s Deciso and Mite oils

What lies behind the golden trickle that comes out of  La Maliosa Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottles?  You have to look far back in time, to over sixty years ago.
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Gli olii la maliosa di Fattoria la Maliosa
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The La Maliosa oils, Deciso and Mite, are certified organic and Demeter (biodynamic)

Above all they are though the expression of the territory they come from and of the cultivar (varieties) in the olive groves.
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Olio La Maliosa - Mite e Deciso
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