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Metodo Corino

The “Metodo Corino” (registered patent and registered trademark by Antonella Manuli) is a set of innovative agronomic processes for the production of table and wine grapes. The method focuses on the vitality of the soil and the health of the environment, producers and consumers.

Taken together these activities contribute to the growth of the sector with values that are not limited to the production of grapes and wine, but include the culture, lifestyle, landscape patrimony, longevity of the vineyard and asset value of the land, as well as a profit margin for producers.

The “Metodo Corino” makes targeted and innovative choices regarding the environmental conditions, vines and optimal cultivation techniques for vineyards that strongly wish to preserve the value of places and landscapes. The grapes must come from a professional and sustainable management of the vineyard and must lean towards values of qualitative excellence and nutritional goodness. Cultivation is sustainable if it’s able to supply, with a certain regularity, products with a strong identity, while respecting the territory of origin. This sustainability assessment is measured by at least two criteria: the biological quality of the soil (SBQ) and the Carbon Footprint (LCA-assessment) of the farm and its products. Furthermore, a vegetal-based cultivation cycle produced onsite is a fundamental choice.

In the transition from grape to wine, fermentation must take place naturally with yeast and indigenous bacteria. The subsequent processing of the wine in the cellar must be carried out with human expertise in obtaining wine. This must be done without any additives or invasive technology or the use of any chemical or physical intervention capable of modifying the origin and/or natural evolution of the wine, which must find its exclusive origin in the grape.

The GRAPE is the only component that should give rise to the future wine. MAN is the craftsman and the architect of the vineyard and of wine as a wholesome and original product.