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26 November 2017

Fattoria La Maliosa’s very best grape must and Pastry chef Vito Naccari give birth to a compote that goes well with cheese and more. It’s also great in a tart with a whole-wheat crust or spread over a slice of […]

The colour of the cooked tart base is like autumn leaves. Almonds always pair perfectly with everything and the grapes are seasonal. At the Farm, we have just finished harvesting grapes that, this year too, are abundant. Once again the […]

20 November 2017

It’s the best of this season’s vegetables! Its vibrant tone adds a touch of colour to tasty autumn tables. Its various shapes make us smile. In a few days, many of us will be busy scooping out pumpkins to carve […]

Part of Italy’s peasant tradition as a way to use up leftovers, this dish has more than half a century of culinary heritage. As with every traditional recipe, most people have their own version. A common sight on summer tables, […]

The annual wine harvest ended five days ago with many bunches of Sangiovese grapes filling the crates at our vineyards. It was a plentiful harvest and while we’re waiting for nature to do its job and transform that delicious must […]

9 January 2017

Last year, we made a classic and luscious gingerbread with our wildflower honey to munch on during the holidays. Two years ago, we presented a dish from our New Year’s menu and this time we want the star of the […]

29 December 2016

Dear Friends of La Maliosa, we have come to the conclusion of an intense year, which brought us a lot of satisfaction and many achievements.

28 October 2016

The entire wine sector has greatly progressed in the implementation of the environmental values of the territory and of consolidated expertise in the cellar. All you have to do is travel the peninsula to observe the numerous projects that in […]