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Sustainable farming

16 July 2015

What does Indaco2 stands for? How does it affect the manufacturer’s choices regarding the environmental impact of greenhouse gas emissions generated during the production process? We spoke with Elena and Riccardo from Indaco2 to find out.

9 March 2015

I’ve never been very good at writing, but I have definitely been well instructed by my teacher and thesis supervisor, Professor Carlo, who let me ‘build’ my thought process and the relative sentences with a mimicry of apparent agreement. Then, […]

11 December 2014

Wine, between extraordinary and unique specificity, has the measure of time, that which flows or flows away and that which remains witness to the past. It’s for this reason that we try, now that the wine is racked, to retrace […]

23 March 2014

I’ve always enjoyed the forms of the  hills,  they enabled me  look at  various  horizons,  perhaps it is a necessity derived from a  childhood  spent in these places.But  when I was in the plains I struggled to orientate myself  and […]

12 June 2012

Since its very first day, Fattoria La Maliosa has made the choice of biodynamic agriculture as the method of farming its grounds, chosen for their position in an unspoiled environment, with vast  woodlands, rich in natural biodiversity. We wanted to […]