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9 January 2017

Last year, we made a classic and luscious gingerbread with our wildflower honey to munch on during the holidays. Two years ago, we presented a dish from our New Year’s menu and this time we want the star of the […]

12 September 2016

What does olive oil gelato taste like? You’d think strange, but it’s actually really smooth and earthy. The flavour is similar to tart peaches. It’s not too savoury even with a sprinkle of sea salt on top.

3 November 2015

The perfect snack for all ages. A snack that smells genuine and of childhoods. A snack that refreshes and nourishes. The quintessential Italian snack, even a little ‘retro’ (of course no one could stop her from coming back into vogue), […]

28 October 2015

While describing all the ingredients and method, it wasn’t until those listening heard me say “and finally, crack the eggs into the pot” that they stopped me from going any further, saying “ah, I understand, acquacotta”. They were right. I’d […]

And so, after a hint of spring of which there has not been much (or any) trace, a hot and bullish summer has taken its place. Today is his first day of school. He came with his almost albino bright […]

2015 is ending and New Year’s Eve is almost on us…You are probably organising the night and tossing up between dishes more or less caloric and traditionally festive … the inevitable lentils and cotechino, Pandoro sweet cake and panettone, as […]

24 October 2015

Only two days until the most romantic holiday of the year … The feast of red roses, romantic tickets, chocolates, kisses and dinners for two! And if on this day, this special day, you choose to drink with our natural […]

We recently interviewed him and he decided to make a recipe with our products. He is Vito Naccari, Pastry Chef at Via Bistrot. And he’s created these fragrant biscuits with our oil and organic honey.

Good Friday, Easter, Easter Monday, April 25, and last, but not least, May 1, Labor Day. Public holidays, closed schools, vacation, warm sun, visits from relatives, barbecues and so on and so forth to greet the month of April (a […]