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Part of Italy’s peasant tradition as a way to use up leftovers, this dish has more than half a century of culinary heritage. As with every traditional recipe, most people have their own version. A common sight on summer tables, it always provides great results with very little effort, especially if you have guests. Here at the Farm we prepare it with the same ingredients you’d use in a Greek salad and we like to serve it in a big bowl, family-style, for an extra retro touch. Are you ready to get cooking? Obviously good olive oil makes all the difference! Continue reading…

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The annual wine harvest ended five days ago with many bunches of Sangiovese grapes filling the crates at our vineyards. It was a plentiful harvest and while we’re waiting for nature to do its job and transform that delicious must into an expression of our wine region, we decided to bring autumn to the table in all its scents and colours. Cheesecake, not an overly sweet dessert, seemed perfect for a seasonal topping. We used red seedless grapes but if you have Isabella grapes, you can use them, just remove the seeds before cooking. Continue reading…

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Last year, we made a classic and luscious gingerbread with our wildflower honey to munch on during the holidays. Two years ago, we presented a dish from our New Year’s menu and this time we want the star of the Christmas Eve dinner to be the precious Maremman green gold that we carefully produce each year. Healthy, genuine and authentic, it allowed us to create a truly delicious appetizer with an exotic flavour that you should definitely try. Caramote prawns, avocado, mango and a generous drizzle of organic olive oil pressed in the Maremma! Continue reading…

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Olive Oil Ice Cream

What does olive oil gelato taste like? You’d think strange, but it’s actually really smooth and earthy. The flavour is similar to tart peaches. It’s not too savoury even with a sprinkle of sea salt on top. Continue reading…

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The perfect snack for all ages.
A snack that smells genuine and of childhoods.
A snack that refreshes and nourishes.
The quintessential Italian snack, even a little ‘retro’ (of course no one could stop her from coming back into vogue), which acquires additional nutritional value if prepared with the right ingredients.
A slice of (even a little stale) bread made soft and healthy by the juice of a red tomato.
As a child, at my uncles’ farm in the heart of the Maremma overlooking Capalbio and separated from it by ears of wheat in the summer at a sunset at one with the colours of the sky, this was my almost daily snack.
The tomatoes were plum, grown by my uncle, who was just as genuine!
The bread was “bland” Tuscan bread.
And the oil was good, made from the ancient trees of the family olive grove.
Today the same slice of bread, the same tomatoes, a drizzle of our Olive Oil and my aunt’s ceramic plate, and I feel as if I’ve gone back in time…

Pane pomodorio e olio La Maliosa

The recipe?
Bread and tomatoes
4 slices of “unsalted” Tuscan bread
4 firm ripe plum tomatoes
a pinch of fleur de sel
La Maliosa organic and biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Toscano IGP Continue reading…

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While describing all the ingredients and method, it wasn’t until those listening heard me say “and finally, crack the eggs into the pot” that they stopped me from going any further, saying “ah, I understand, acquacotta”. They were right. I’d made acquacotta, a poor man’s soup, one eaten by the cowboys when they were “out” following the herds and carrying their “catana”, a large leather haversack that usually contained the soup and a bottle of red wine. Made with ingredients that are readily available and balanced from a nutritional point of view, acquacotta is still widespread in the Maremma and is emphasised and promoted in many restaurants that serve a typical regional menu. As with any traditional recipe, acquacotta has been passed down in different versions, but any soup that claims to have this name must categorically include among its ingredients a decisively flavoured Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil (and its quantity must be sufficient to cover the bottom of the pan in which you cook the soup), tomatoes, onion, unsalted Tuscan bread and eggs.

1127 si Continue reading…

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And so, after a hint of spring of which there has not been much (or any) trace, a hot and bullish summer has taken its place. Today is his first day of school. He came with his almost albino bright and blinding light and sunsets and, for us, a first dip in a sea that has not yet reached the right temperature and the first of many outdoor dinners.
My favourite summer dish to be enjoyed while still damp with stinging salt water?
Undoubtedly a sauté. It’s an appetiser, but can be considered a meal especially when mopped up with bread!
Some prepare it with mussels and clams, some with only mussels, some with mussels and tomato sauce. However the essential ingredient is always an excellent extra virgin olive…

Ricetta Sauté di cozze Continue reading…

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The grape harvest has just ended at the Farm and you can tell autumn has recently arrived only by taking a peek at the calendar or the tree branches that are progressively losing their hope-tinted colour. Mild temperatures, the sun is high and no one feels like sequestering themselves in the kitchen just yet.

However, in the name of seasonality, I propose this tasty, refreshing and delicious dish that is prepared in less than no time…

Medaglioni di filetto con uva Continue reading…

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I’m wearing rubber boots that have always been a little too big for my feet. A basket is in my left hand and the size is always inversely proportional to the products that it will contain. A stick in the other hand is to keep from falling and protect against malicious animals. And so I used to venture into the woods surrounding the village where I lived as a child and there I spent entire afternoons. I was never alone. There are too many dangers in the woods for a little girl of ten or so. My favourite companion was my grandfather. When he saw a mushroom, he’d make it so that I would find it and stoop to pick it up (in this, in fact, I did him a favour). Whereas my brother would make me return home with an empty basket or, at most, a few curly chestnuts, while my mum could never find any mushrooms at all. I return to walk among the dead leaves, broken branches and fallen acorns after all these years in the woods near the Fattoria La Maliosa and experienced a step back in time.

funghi Continue reading…

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2015 is ending and New Year’s Eve is almost on us…You are probably organising the night and tossing up between dishes more or less caloric and traditionally festive … the inevitable lentils and cotechino, Pandoro sweet cake and panettone, as well as dishes that can be prepared in advance and warmed up at the last minute.

At the Farm, there’s a party atmosphere and our New Year’s menu will include a really tasty recipe. Baked pasta, but with wheat flour!

11 paccheri Continue reading…

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