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Vina La Maliosa 2012

Fattoria La Maliosa è presente al Vivit, Vinitaly

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It’s the first time for us at Vinitaly. It’s the first time that Vinitaly opens its doors to biodynamic wines.
The ViViT pavilion hosts 100 Italian and French producers who offer their wines to a vast public that until now seemed unreachable. Instead, the taste of wine is changing and the interest around ViViT confirms it: everybody nowadays wants a truer wine and we’re ready to offer it.

Vina La Maliosa 2012
Special thanks to the Renaissance Italy group, and in particular to Giuseppe Ferrua of
Fabbrica di San Martin, who’ve worked a full year to make this event happen.
With the pride of those who have spent years, and with the right trepidation, for such an
important event, Fattoria La Maliosa presents a preview of its La Maliosa Rosso (red) and
La Maliosa Bianco (white) IGT Maremma Toscana 2010 vintage wines, from old vines and
with the biodynamic Demeter label.

Fattoria La Maliosa is at the ViViT pavillion, 1st floor of Palaexpo, A2 entrance, stand 1.

Enrico Bachechi

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