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Harmony with the land is the most precious good

Farm life

“Harmony with the land is the most precious good”: an affirmation that we feel we are implementing with increasing awareness on our journey at La Maliosa. 2018 was the year for disseminating the values we believe in, through the story of our journey, in our experiences in the field and now with ten-years of data at our disposal.

Our strong and innovative orientation towards environmental sustainability has allowed us to “listen” and wait, with due patience, for concrete answers from our land, which is always changing and transforming. The renunciation of haste has allowed us to experiment and achieve improved, sometimes unexpected results and to better focus our objectives.

In 2018, we were mentioned in three important wine guides:

– “I migliori 100 vini e vignaioli d’Italia” by Luciano Ferraro and Luca Gardini, published by Corriere della Sera

– “Vino, assaggi memorabili” by Paolo Massobrio and Marco Gatti, published by Cairo 

– “5StarWines – the Book 2019” by Vinitaly

– Progetto Olio by Slow Food Italia

– Terre d’Olio 2018 by Maestro d’Olio Fausto Borella

– Top Tuscan Olive Oil

– Guida agli Oli Monovarietali in Italia

La Maliosa Frantoio con il Cappello by Carlo Zucchetti

But the big news of this year was the inauguration of the “La Maliosa Natural Apartment Suite“, which allows us to offer customers and guests a unique and customizable tourist experience including:

– visits to the farm, walks through the vineyards, olive groves and unspoiled landscape

– tastings

– traditional Maremma dinners

Finally, Antonella Manuli has been heavily involved in editing, revising and enriching the work of Lorenzo Corino’s “The Essence of Wine and Natural Viticulture” 

Our best wishes for the holidays. Let your toasts bring joy and accompany your smile throughout 2019!

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