On the road to La Maliosa - Fattoria La Maliosa
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In viaggio verso la Fattoria La Maliosa

On the road to La Maliosa

The Maremma

8.45 am: I’m meeting Antonella at her place.

We’re leaving. We leave behind a rainy Milano not giving up to spring. I’ve never been to Maremma, except for passing through. I’ve never been to Fattoria La Maliosa.
For months we’ve been trying to organize it with Antonella Manuli, Dominique Mosca and Enrico Bachechi, but with Milano rhythms it’s not easy. In the meantime I had heard the stories, uploaded pictures on Flickr www.flickr.com/photos/fattorialamaliosa imagined it through the words of the entire team taking care of this precious reality.

In viaggio verso la Fattoria La Maliosa
We cross black clouds on the Cisa with a lot of optimism, we rush through a storm and looking outside we tell each other how nice it would be if all Italians fell in love again with their land. Love means respect, it means care, it means emotions to be communicated. Especially for those who can only visit this territory rather than living it. Creating products respecting our land is after all really a way to say: bring home a little bit of these feelings.
We arrive in Maremma and Antonella tells me that it’s normal to find the sun, here storms go away fast.

Saturnia e Fattoria La Maliosa
How true: the colors are saturated, sounds are light and the air bears the fragrance of an explosion of flowers.
During the night heavy rain arrives together with lightening.
Tomorrow the sun will return on Saturnia and Fattoria La Maliosa: it’s a certainty.

Paola Sucato aka ci_polla

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