2015 at La Maliosa

In keeping with tradition, I wanted to share with you, who support us with your attention, reading and sharing, the most important moments of the year that is coming to an end.IMG_7894

If 2014 was characterised by the development of the business with the installation of three hectares of vineyards, this year has been a process of consolidation and growth.

A hot and dry year with occasional rain from late August was perfect for our olives. The harvest was rewarding both in our historic olive grove and in our young six/eight year old grove, which this year, for the first time, allowed us to produce a monocultivar “Leccio del Corno” extra virgin olive oil, a variety common in this area, but only recently rediscovered. We are also glad to announce that our new oil has obtained the Silver Medal for the international prize Biolnovello.

As for our wine, the summer temperatures and two months of drought instead presented partial difficulties for our younger vines. At harvest time, the grapes were on average smaller, but gave our wines complexity and structure.

We also entered into our third year of producing honey, which, regardless of the seasonal peculiarities, has a constant and satisfactory quality. We believe that this is a sign of the health of our agricultural environment, further demonstrated by the fact that we have placed the hives next to the old vineyard since we don’t have to worry about harmful treatments affecting the bees.

Horse training continued with Freida and Italia, both of whom participated actively in the agricultural season.

This year, our focus and business investment were dedicated to communication and the marketing of our products:

The site has been completely renovated with updated and downloadable content and information. Our business philosophy is to limit the use of paper, which is why our brochure is available only in digital Issuu format.

For the same reason we have published three e-book on the vast biodiversity of the area: “Herbs”, “Trees and shrubs” and “The mushrooms of the forest.” The only paper we’ve printed this year were the labels for our products!

Even the product packaging has been redesigned: new bottles and new labels for all our wines.

Commercially, as we are already present in Japan, Australia and the US, we focused our efforts on the development of European markets, participating in the RAW Fair in London and Berlin – organised by Master of Wine Isabelle Legeron, who is now considered the undisputed Lady of Natural Wine.

In Italy we were present at ViVit and the salon of natural wines at Vinitaly for the fourth consecutive year.

On the farm, in addition to the many visits from loyal customers from all over the world, we celebrated the arrival of spring with an event dedicated to “foraging” for wild herbs.

And let’s not forget the year’s authoritative awards. We were featured in two prestigious guides: “Vignaioli e vini d’Italia 2016” by Luca Gardini and Luciano Ferraro and “Itinerari tra i vigneti” by Michelin.

Best wishes!


2 Commenti su "2015 at La Maliosa"

15 December 2015 to 15:11
Valerio wrote:
Effettivamente, parlando di vino, questa annata del 2014 crea dubbi ed incertezze sul giudizio sempre positivo dato alla Tua produzione. Ti faccio molti auguri metereologici per il prossimo futuro.
3 January 2016 to 17:34
Sara Milletti replied:
Grazie per aver riconosciuto un'annata difficile come andamento climatico (molto eccezionale la piovosità e la mancanza di 'estate'). Trattandosi di vini naturali in essi è 'scritta' tutta la verità dell'andamento stagionale e la degustazione lo conferma

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