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The La Maliosa oils, Deciso and Mite, are certified organic and Demeter (biodynamic)

Above all they are though the expression of the territory they come from and of the cultivar (varieties) in the olive groves.

Olio La Maliosa 2012
We’ve made the choice of a further certification, the only one ensuring the consumer both the oil’s typical Tuscan taste, given that IGP submits the oil to a panel test of professional tasters, as well as maximum transparency from olives to oil. On each bottle and tin of La Maliosa oil there is the IGP Toscano seal which shows an alphanumeric code. By inserting this code into the specific space in the Consorzio Olio Toscano IGP’s website, , (IGP Toscano Oil Consortium), you’ll see the entire supply chain to get the La Maliosa olis.

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