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The italian biodynamic wine production standards have been approved!

Italy is the first country worldwide to have approved different and stricter wine-making standards than the ones approved by Demeter International in 2008 and still in force.
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Vendemmia-Cassetta d'uva
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ViViT/Vinitaly 2012. What is changing in the way natural wines are sold?

As for food, also for wine people are looking for a truer taste and a flavor reminiscent of the fruit and the earth it comes from.
It’s a renewal which has been under way for several years: the natural wine producers want to bring the wine back to being considered as food which as such has to nourish our body in a healthy way.
Events, farmers markets, fairs of natural food, tastings were born during the last decade all over Italy and the movement has gained many fans.
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Vini La Maliosa Vinitaly 2012
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Fattoria La Maliosa è presente al Vivit, Vinitaly

It’s the first time for us at Vinitaly. It’s the first time that Vinitaly opens its doors to biodynamic wines.
The ViViT pavilion hosts 100 Italian and French producers who offer their wines to a vast public that until now seemed unreachable. Instead, the taste of wine is changing and the interest around ViViT confirms it: everybody nowadays wants a truer wine and we’re ready to offer it.
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Vina La Maliosa 2012
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